Clermont Solar Pty Ltd Commit to Buying Local

Clermont Solar Pty Ltd Commit to Buying Local

Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting would like to showcase our client, Epuron, as a leading example of what a company can bring to a local community when they commit to “buying local”.

Epuron is a leading Australian renewable energy company focused on utility-scale wind & solar energy projects.  Epuron have a head office in Sydney, with renewable energy projects based all over Australia, including within Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.  

The industry term to describe the benefits of buying local is “economic spinoffs”.  The term economic spin-off is widely used in popular media to describe the potential secondary economic effects of a project or development.

Our client, Clermont Solar Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Epuron, have recently gained approval for a 150MW solar farm approximately 8km west of Clermont, in Central Queensland.  

In their Community Consultation Strategy, Clermont Solar Pty Ltd, advised that, “The development of a solar energy project will represent a positive diversification of the local economy, which is currently focused on agriculture and coal mining, and create many other indirect benefits for the local community.  The project could provide the opportunity for local workers to participate in not only the construction of the project but also a range of local suppliers and businesses, including, accommodation providers, fuel suppliers, restaurants, etc.”.  This is an example of a company “walking the talk”.

As a local town planner in Clermont and parent of our young family, not to mention my role (in my spare time!) as partner in our cropping business; I am passionate about my community.

Epuron were responsible for the Development of the project. Recently, Epuron, sold the project to a company called Wirsol Energy Ltd who are now responsible for the project.  RCR Tomlinson Ltd will be the Engineering Procurement Contractor and will construct the project on behalf of Wirsol. 

The construction and accommodation strategy, designed by Wirsol and RCR Tomlinson Ltd, has a local focus and includes utilisation of the existing Hotel/ Motels and accommodation options in Clermont.  Similarly, all catering required for the construction team will be sourced locally. Further, where possible, labour will be sourced from within the Region.

Designated Muster Points/ Pick up Points will be established in Town to transport the construction team to the site, thus reducing the impact of construction related traffic on our local roads.  There will be approximately 4 – 5 buses and 10 – 15 cars travelling to site per day.

We will continue to keep our locals informed as the construction process commences and prior to the start of construction.  For further information, please contact Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting here.


Adani Renewables – Rugby Run Solar Farm

Adani Renewables – Rugby Run Solar Farm

Did you know Adani is not only a coal mining company?  Adani Australia is a resource, logistics and energy business.  You may have seen the recent media attention and the announcement by Adani to begin early works on is Carmichael Coal Mine, about 160km North-West of Clermont, next month (October 2017).

 What you may not know is that Adani aim to build a leading renewables energy business operating in Australia, with a 1500MW portfolio of renewable power plants by 2022.

 Adani’s latest solar project is the “Rugby Run Solar Farm”, located outside of Moranbah in Central Queensland.  Isaac Regional Council issued Development Approval for the 300MW in May 2017.

 Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting facilitated the Stakeholder Engagement for the Rugby Run Solar Farm on behalf of Adani Infrastructure Pty Ltd.  We worked together with Epic Environmental – the lead approval team. The team achieved the Development Permit at minimal cost and timeframe delay.

 We know first hand that effective communication with stakeholders can minimise the risks and maximise the success of projects, particularly in the project development phase and through ongoing communication prior to and during construction.  Effective engagement can highlight the contentious issues and achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes through facilitation and mediation.

Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting have the network and skills to identify the relevant project or community stakeholders, combine media platforms, facilitate one on one communications, drop in session events and one line media and publicity to ensure the best outcome for your project.

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